Edgerunner RPG


Skills are the basic abilities of the character, chosen from a list provided here, and used mechanically to add to the basic roll during any conflict in which the skill is relevant.

Skills in Edgerunner are defined in somewhat broad terms. A single skill may account for a lot, and there isn’t any room for any more fine grained skills. If you want your character to specialize or shine in doing something, you should use aspects and upgrades for that.

All skills provide a number of basic capabilities on their subject. First, a skill provides knowledge related to the field. If you have high Athletics, you also know about the rules of many different sports by default . Second, a skill grants awareness about the subject. You find it easy to notice that someone is packing if you have a high Firearms skill. Third, a skill gives you aptitude. The ability to get something done in a good way. With high Research, not only you can dig up an obscure fact but also present that fact in a comprehensible way. Next, a skill allows appraisal. The ability to evaluate. You would need a decent level of Close Combat to be able to identify a Masamune sword. Last but not least, a skill gives you renown. You are known for being good in that field. Everybody knows you in the aviation industry if you have Piloting as your apex skill.

Whenever appropriate, a skill also implies access to equipment, licensing, facilities and contacts. For example, an apex Survival skill may mean that you always have your swiss army knife on you and your camping gear is top notch. You may be a certified SAR specialist and member of the local SCUBA and mountaineering clubs. You know people that have survived in the Amazon rainforest with just a rusty knife.

If you want to be good in just one of these capabilities, you can always define aspects and upgrades that help you shine. For example, if you want to be a connosieur of cars, you can take Driving at +2 and the upgrade “Motorhead: +3 to Driving for non-conflict assessments”. That gives you an effective +5 in your chosen specialty and a free apex skill slot that you can use for something else.

Everyone is assumed to be at least Mediocre, that is, level ±0 at these skills. If you want to model extreme ineptitude in a skill, write a nice aspect for it. Like Big fingers for bad electronics skill or Perpetually broke for bad assets.

A skill does not give you specialist knowledge. If you want access to an obscure field like Hitite culture or something requiring special training like Neurology, use an upgrade to extend an existing skill.

Every character has 10 skills arranged in a pyramid. One skill at level 4, two at 3, three at level 2 and four at 1. All other skills are at level 0.