Edgerunner Role Playing Game

Edgerunner is now hosted on Gitbook, because the previous platform it was hosted on: Radiant CMS is no longer maintained, and began rotting away. It takes effort to stay on the edge. Welcome to 2020.

Welcome to the Edge

This is a work in progress site about building a FATE system powered Cyberpunk role playing game. It is pretty much playable as it is now, with most of the rules and resources ready. Only a few sections and some examples are missing, but those are easily guessed if you have played any FATE game before.
The game is going through a big overhaul right now, and many things are changing. Please bear with any inconsistencies and check the changelog to keep up on what has changed.
Please ask your gameplay questions at RPG Stackexchange.
The reference FATE implementation is Diaspora, a very good sci-fi game in itself, with an online SRD here. Consider everything not defined here to be the same as the Diaspora SRD, until this work goes beta.

Game resources

PDF sheets for characters and a foldable version, factions, the world and technology. Also, for secondary characters; alternates, extras, goons and mooks. Plus a reference cheat sheet.
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