A specific kind of thing a character can do in a conflict. Each character takes one action per exchange. Everything a character does in a conflict must be played as one of the predetermined actions.
A secondary character that represents the online persona of a Netrunner.
A short and evocative statement about what makes a context (character, faction, map zone, etc…) special. May be written on the related sheet, or temporarily assigned. Can be invoked or compelled (using fate points) to affect game actions.
A scene action that represents preparations made to use an aspect. May be a simple challenge or a contest. Prepares the aspect for a free invocation.
A line between two zones in a map, that defines the difficulty of moving between those zones.
A person in the game world, important to the story being told. Represented with aspects, skills, upgrades and stress track on a character sheet. Every player controls one character, the referee may control multiple characters at once.
The name given to skills of a complex device. Works exactly the same way as skills do in game. Named differently to avoid confusion with character skills.
A tight situation whose outcome may change the story. Represented by a skill roll against a fixed difficulty determined by the referee.
An offer of fate points from a player to another to alter the story based on an aspect.
The name given to skills of a [faction](/the-world/factions). Works exactly the same way as skills do in game. Named differently to avoid confusion with character skills.
A story offered to an opposing player to end a conflict. Ends the conflict if accepted by all sides in it.
Detailed and elaborate game mechanism used to resolve hairy situations that players don't want to resolve with a single challenge or contest.
A detrimental aspect voluntarily placed on a character (or other context) by the controlling player, in order to gain a boost to a skill roll.
A simple game mechanism to resolve a situation between opposing characters. Involves comparing skill rolls to determine the victor.
An attempt by a player to declare a fact about the world, scene or other context. The declared fact is assumed to be true and written down as an aspect if the roll is successful.
Randomizing device used in challenges, contests and conflicts to add variation to the outcome. In this game, this always means four special Fudge dice rolled together and added.
A number that indicates the relative difficulty of a challenge. Determined by the referee. Usually betweeen 0 and 6 but can be less or more.
Catch-all term that refers to all the mechanically represented things in the game that can be played like a character. Includes all kinds of characters, factions, complex technology and anything else you may come up in your game that has game-mechanical representation.
A standard block of fictional time that everyone involved gets to act once during a conflict.
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